🐎 The Thoroughbred Horse Breed

Breed Description

The Thoroughbred is the most popular racing breed in the world.

Average Height

Thoroughbreds are on average between 16-17 hands tall.


  • Bay
  • Chestnut
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Roan


Refined head, intelligent eyes, and a slightly longer than average neck. Thoroughbreds should show depth through the girth, the shoulders should be well-sloped and the back should be short. This breed is also characterized by muscular hindquarters, straight legs, and well let-down hocks.

Members of this breed often excel in the following disciplines:

  • Racing
  • Jumping / Eventing
  • Dressage

Breed History

Most Thoroughbreds can trace their ancestry to one of two Arabians (the Godolphin Arabian or the Darley Arabian), or to a stallion of middle-Eastern blood, known as the Byerly Turk. The Thoroughbred breed as we know it today was the result of deliberate crossbreeding in an effort to produce a better racehorse. The three foundation horses were bred to English mares, who were physically stronger but lacked the ability to sustain high speeds over long distances. Over the years, the classic Arabian features such as the dished face and the slender build have been bred out of the modern Thoroughbred in favor of the breakneck speed the breed is now known for.