🐎 The Arabian Horse Breed

Average Height

The average height of the typical Arabian horse is typically somewhere between 14.2 – 15 hands.


  • Bay
  • Chestnut
  • Grey
  • Black


The Arabian is a lightly built horse with a small head and a dished profile. The neck should have a distinct, graceful arch and the withers should be well-defined. The tail should be high set and the back should be short.


Arabians are spirited and intelligent.

Members of this breed often excel in the following disciplines:

  • Show / Pleasure
  • Endurance
  • Dressage

Breed History

The Arabian is the oldest and purest breed of horse in the world. Though the breed’s exact origns are unknown, we do know that horses of the Arabian type existed on the Arabian Peninsula as long as 5,000 years ago. The Arabian is well-known for its incredible stamina and soundness, which it owes to its evolution in a harsh desert environment.

Arabians have been used to improve other breeds of horse for centuries. Many modern breeds were founded on Arabian bloodlines, most notably the Thoroughbred.

Today, distinct strains of the Arabian breed exist in such varied places as Spain, Poland, and Russia. Arabians are extremely popular in a variety of disciplines, particularly endurance and pleasure showing.

US Breed Association

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