🐎 The Pony of the Americas Breed

Breed Description

This breed of ponies must have Appaloosa color & characteristics to become permanently registered. They must also be 46-56 inches in height at 5 years of age. POAs look, act and perform like small stock-type horses. They are recognized and referred to as “The Pony For Youth”.

Average Height:

The Pony of the Americas has an average height between 11.2-13.2 hands.


Appaloosa (spotted) color and characteristics


Stock type conformation, pony size 46-56 inches in height


Gentle, quiet, and willing. Great youth mounts, great for starting youth riders, great for handicapped rehabilitation.

Members of this breed often excel in the following disciplines:

  • All Western show classes
  • All English show classes, including jumping
  • Gymkhana

Breed History

POAs were started in 1954 in IA from crossing shetland ponies with horses. The Appaloosa color & characteristics have been a trademark since the beginning. POAs are known for their stamina, strength, speed, and versatility. POAs are the preferred mount for Youth of all ages and size. More and more parents are using POA ponies to introduce their youth to the fun and excitement of the horse industry.