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🐎 The Arabian Horse Breed

Average Height The average height of the typical Arabian horse is typically somewhere between 14.2 – 15 hands. Colors Bay Chestnut Grey Black Conformation The Arabian is a lightly built horse with a small head and a dished profile. The neck should have a distinct, graceful arch and the withers should be well-defined. The tail …

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🐎 The Appaloosa Horse Breed

Breed Description The Appaloosa is a breed with a color preference. Coat pattern, white sclera of the eye, striped hooves and mottled skin are the characteristics of the Appaloosa. An Appaloosa, however, may also have a solid coat pattern. To be registered as an Appaloosa, the minimum height requirement at maturity is 14 hands. Average …

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🐎 The Andalusian Horse Breed

Average Height The average height of an Andalusian horse is usually around 15.2 hands. Colors Black Grey Bay Conformation The Andalusian is known for its long, heavy neck and thick mane and tail. Andalusians have small ears and a flat or slightly convex nose, a broad forehead and large eyes. The shoulders are well-sloped and …

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