🐎 The Haflinger Horse Breed

Average Height

The Haflinger is, on average, somewhere around 14 hands tall.


Chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail


The Haflinger has a slightly dished profile, small ears, and large eyes. Haflingers are sturdy ponies, with well muscled loins and hindquarters and strong legs.


Gentle, intelligent, well-mannered.

Members of this breed often excel in the following disciplines:

  • Driving
  • Pleasure
  • Trail

Breed History

The Haflinger hails from Austria, and is named for the village of Hafling in Tirol where it was first bred several hundred years ago. The Haflinger was originally bred from the indigenous mountain ponies, which were crossed with Arabians to produce a refined breed that still possesses the powerful build and sure-footedness of its mountain ancestors.

All Haflingers are descended from El Bedavi XXII and his son Folie. El Bedavi XXII was a half-Arab, a great grandson of the famous Arabian stallion El Bedavi.

Miscellaneous Facts

Haflingers often live longer-than-average lives, and will often reach 30 years of age or greater.