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πŸ‡β›‘οΈ The Top 5 Best Women’s Horseback Riding Helmets

The last thing you want to worry about when you’re out on the trail is your safety, so that’s why it’s super important to find a well made women’s horseback riding helmet. A good riding helmet will protect you in the event of an accident, but it also will be comfortable and look good.

Women’s riding helmets have come a long way over the last couple of years. It seems like the quality and type of helmets available to the female equestrian has improved significantly from even a decade ago.

A head protection device is a great asset for any rider. To be effective, it must perform well in various safety standards in the US and in the European Union. If you’re searching for the best women’s horseback riding helmets, you’ve come to the right place. To make it easier for you to choose a helmet that’s right for you, we’ve reviewed the top five best women’s horseback riding helmets on the market.

Our Top Overall Pick

Ovation Deluxe Equestrian HelmetsCheck Price
K One Defender Equestrian HelmetCheck Price
Kask Equestrian Riding HelmetCheck Price
One K Equestrian Unisex Riding HelmetCheck Price
Troxel Spirit Horseback Riding HelmetCheck Price

Top 5 Best Women’s Horseback Riding Helmets

1. Ovation Deluxe Equestrian Helmets – Best for Adjustable Sizing


Ovation helmets are the best in the industry. If you are looking for a high quality, well engineered helmet, look no further. Ovation helmets are tested to ASTM standards and exceeds all safety standards and come with their unconditional lifetime guarantee; if you ever have a problem with your helmet, they will replace it free of charge.

Offering a full line of helmets, including schooling, show and event, Ovation is your best choice for women’s horseback riding helmets with head guards. Full line of helmets comes in as well as metallic and matte finishes as well as fashion colors and fun designs.

Not only is the Ovation Schooler Helmet a very popular helmet for riders of all ages, it’s also an excellent school safety helmet. The Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet, however, is specifically designed for younger riders of all ages. It’s comfortable and lightweight, and features an easy adjust dial for a snug fit. The rubberized finish protects the chin bar from wear and tear. It also features an exclusive YKK adjuster clip and buckle designed to stay off the rider’s face for comfort. This high-flow padded helmet is certified to ASTM standards.

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2. K One Defender Equestrian Helmet – Optimum Protection


The K One Defender Equestrian Helmet is a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary helmet engineered to protect your head and neck in any riding situation. Whether you’re on the farm or competing at the highest levels, this helmet was designed for safety first and comfort second.

This stylish, yet rugged, helmet is designed for those who enjoy the thrill and excitement of equestrian sports. The Defender has a sleek matte finish outer shell with a high back design to keep you comfortable. The interior liner is constructed with an antibacterial material that keeps your head feeling cool and fresh. The adjustable ventilation system allows for great air flow to keep you cool and comfortable while wearing the Defender Equestrian Helmet.

The helmet is constructed of a polycarbonate/acrylic composite outer shell with injection molded shell design that allows for a washable and quick-dry, moisture wicking, anti-microbial liner. The helmet features a stainless steel mesh and is equipped with a comfort padded harness with synthetic suede lining, hook & loop adjustment, and Fastex buckle. With enough features to appeal to those seeking everything a helmet could possibly offer, wrapped in a package that traditionalists can appreciate, this helmet features the best of both worlds.

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3. Kask Equestrian Riding Helmet – ASTM/SEI Certified


a sleek, matte finish version of the Dogma design and is ideal for jumpers, hunters and equitation. Made from high quality materials and tested in accordance with ASTM safety standards, this helmet can be trusted for your safety on or off the equestrian arena.

This is an essential item for any equestrian. This helmet will protect you from wind and rain while riding your horse. The inside of this helmet is made of a special soft, eco-leather which makes the helmet very comfortable to wear. The helmet features an innovative self-adjusting system, a soft touch coatings and a ventilation system that keeps your head cool.

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4. One K Equestrian Unisex Riding Helmet – Easy to Clean


The One K Equestrian Helmet is designed for the avid horseback rider. It fits snugly around the head and neck of the rider, offering excellent protection from impact. The helmet has a polycarbonate shell for impact resistance, synthetic suede lining, and is equipped with a quick-dry, moisture wicking liner.

The One K has a liner that is washable, anti-microbial, moisture wicking and quick drying. The shell is made of advanced ABS composite material for maximum safety and comfort. The removable liner makes this helmet very easy to clean, maintain and keep clean/dry for longer time periods.

If you’re looking for a helmet that is both highly functional and stylish, the One K Equestrian Helmet should be at the top of your list. Boasting advanced ABS composite outer shell, an injection molded shell design with stainless steel mesh and comfort padded harness with synthetic suede lining featuring a fastex buckle and two side, two front, one back, and two center stripe vents. The One K Defender Helmet is proudly manufactured in America by One K Helmets.

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5. Troxel Spirit Horseback Riding Helmet – Removable Headliner


The Troxel Spirit Helmet is made in the USA and features breathable mesh across the front, as well as an easy to use dial fit system. The unique flip-over washable headliner with Air-Channel technology means you can remove and replace it with ease.

With Troxel’s patented Dial-Fit System, this helmet will fit with any headband. The FlipFold removable washable headliner with Air-Channel Technology provides enhanced ventilation and comfort. It also removes easily for washing and drying. The Flex Tip Visor helps keep the sun off of your face and adds extra protection by deflecting blows away from your eyes. The ASTM/SQF certified Troxel Spirit Helmet is made in America of 20% Polycarbonate, has a dial fit system, and comes in black only at this time.

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Recommended Accessories

Buyer’s Guide

  • You’ll want a helmet that’s comfortable to wear.
  • You’ll want a helmet that’s easy to put on and take off.
  • You’ll want a helmet that protects your head during falls and collisions.
  • The helmet should be comfortable and well ventilated.
  • It should have a strap that is easily adjustable.
  • Look for a helmet that fits correctly and is well-balanced.
  • You want one that’s comfortable for long periods of wear, and fits snugly on your head.
  • If you are buying a helmet for a beginner, look for a helmet that has a removable chin strap.
  • Look for a helmet that is adjustable so it can fit all head shapes.
  • Choose a helmet that has a foam liner, a polycarbonate shell, and a drop down sun visor.
  • Choose a helmet that works well with a ponytail.
To save your head from injury and to keep your hair safe, we know that you’ll want to buy some of the best women’s horseback riding helmets, and we’re here to help you do just that. A lot of women wear helmets when they ride horses. Many of them are worried that their hair will get caught in the helmet ventilation holes, so they wear a hat underneath the helmet. The helmet is designed to protect the head in an accident, so it’s important to keep the helmet on at all times.

Women have smaller heads than men which is why many people think women shouldn’t wear helmets. The truth is that the majority of women’s helmets are designed for lighter heads and are not as protective as a men’s helmet. The women’s horseback riding helmets are designed to fit women’s heads and are designed to be lightweight and comfortable for the rider.

Why do I need women’s horseback riding helmet?

If you ride a horse, then you’re required by law to wear a helmet when you’re riding. Horseback riding is a dangerous activity, and you should always wear a helmet when you’re riding, even if you’re just riding around your own backyard. The type of riding helmet you buy depends on the type of riding you do. If you’re a trail rider, you’ll need a full-face helmet, a trail style helmet. For cross country and endurance riding, you’ll need an endurance style helmet.

There are many advantages to using a women’s horseback riding helmet, including the fact that it is a completely different design which is more accommodating of a woman’s features. A woman’s riding helmet is designed to be more comfortable and form-fitting, while a man’s helmet is designed to be bigger and more protective.

What type of women’s horseback riding helmets do I need?

Women’s horseback riding helmets are essential safety gear for riders of all skill levels. A good quality helmet can help protect your head from serious injury.

There are two different types of horseback riding helmets that you’ll need. The first is a full-face helmet which covers the face and has a chin strap that goes around the chin. The second is a half-face helmet which covers the face, but leaves the chin exposed.

There are a lot of advantages to using a women’s horseback riding helmet. The helmet is designed to fit comfortably, and the helmet is adjustable to ensure it fits the shape of your head. The helmet is also designed to protect you from head injuries during horseback riding.

What features should I look for on a horseback riding helmet for women?

Women’s horseback riding helmets are designed with the same features as their male counterparts, and work the same way. However, women are more vulnerable to injury in horseback riding, so they need extra protection. This is especially important in the case of a fall. When you’re looking for a helmet for your horse, it’s important to be clear on what type of riding you’re doing. If you’re going to be primarily riding trail, then you don’t need a helmet that’s designed for jumping. There are a number of advantages to using a women’s horseback riding helmet. First, if you’re riding in an arena or on a trail, the helmet will protect you from injury. Secondly, it looks great. Lastly, it’s a useful product that can help you ride, and protect you, even when you can’t see very well.