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🐎 Top 5 Best Soaking Boots for Horses

Soaking is one of the most effective ways to treat your horses for abscess, thrush, yeast and fungus infections, puncture wounds, foot bruising, laminitis and white line disease. As a result, a good pair of soaking boots are a necessity in any equestrian’s tack kit.

There are many reasons why soaking boots are so important, but it’s mostly about keeping the horse’s foot as healthy as possible. This is because many horses will develop foot problems if their hooves aren’t well maintained.

With that being said, we’ve reviewed the best soaking boots for horses that you can buy on Amazon to help you make an informed decision.

Our Top Overall Pick

Tough 1 Hoof Saver BootCheck Price
StepnSoak-911 Hoof Soaking BootCheck Price
yeezo Hoof Soaking BootCheck Price
Hoof Wraps Easy SoakerCheck Price
Davis Medicine Hoof Soaking BootCheck Price

Top 5 Best Soaking Boots for Horses

1. Tough 1 Hoof Saver Boot – Best for Holding Medication on the Foot


The Tough 1 Hoof Saver Boot is the toughest hoof saver boot on the market. Designed for horses that have been through a lot, these boots will wrap around your horse’s hoof like a glove and keep it from slipping out of the boot while you’re treating it with medicated hoof balm and wraps.

They provide the ultimate protection from a wide variety of conditions that can affect a horse’s feet. The non-slip, flexible, triple-layered design provides each hoof with maximum protection while promoting healing and eliminating wrapping of the foot by providing an open, airy environment for hoof tissue to breathe.

This product will reduce wrapping and promote healing as well as eliminate the need for bandages. The boot is designed to be comfortable so that it reduces stress on the leg when in use.

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2. StepnSoak-911 Hoof Soaking Boot – Easily Take On & Off


StepnSoak-911 Hoof Soaking Boots are built upon the simple principle of soaking hooves to help improve the hoof’s health. These boots are designed for use on both horses and ponies but can also be used on dogs, cats, livestock, and other small animals. The soaking process is a very helpful tool for the treatment of laminitis in horses, a common condition that causes inflammation and death of the hooves and leads to lameness. It also helps with hoof wall thickness, which can contribute to laminitis if it becomes too thick.

The boot keeps the hoof relaxed and open while soaking, allowing for easy removal of the boot once soaking is complete. It also helps prevent further damage to the horse’s hoof by keeping moisture away from the hoof wall. This allows for a more effective soaking and reduces stress on the horse’s legs during treatment.

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3. yeezo Hoof Soaking Boot – Best Durability


The yeezo Hoof Soaking Boot is a hoof soaking and treatment boot that is designed to help treat common hoof ailments such as abscess, thrush, yeast, bruising, punctures wounds, and infections. The hoof soaker boot has a large bottom diameter to allow for the greatest compatibility in the widest range of hoof sizes.

It’s both lightweight and collapsible for easy storage and suitable for hoof sizes up to 8 inch in diameter. This boot will comfortably fit all hooves from draft to donkey.

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4. Hoof Wraps Easy Soaker – Best for Fidgeting Horses


Hoof Wraps Soaker is an economical hoof soak and icing treatment that can be used for a variety of hoof ailments. It is a lightweight, portable hoof soaking boot that can fit on most horses without causing any discomfort. The boot is more adjustable and quick to apply than other soaking boots on the market.

The soaking boot comes with two EVA foam pads which are ideal for applying the medicine or pultice onto the horse’s hooves. It’s perfect for foals and ponies, who are more likely to be destructive with soaking buckets or towels.

They boots are made of a thick ballistic nylon shell and a coated nylon liner. They can fit hoof sizes up to 6″ in diameter, and have 3 fastening points for a more precise and snug fit on the hoof. They’re specifically designed to give your horse relief from thrush, yeast and fungus infections, puncture wounds, foot bruising from shoes or boots, laminitis (swelling of the feet), white line disease, abscesses and thrush.

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5. Davis Medicine Hoof Soaking Boot – Made in the USA


Soaking boots are used to soak a horse’s hooves in order to remove the dry and hard outer layer of hoof. This process is called “soaking” because the top and bottom layers of hoof change from being hard, dry, and brittle to soft, moist, and pliable. The soaking will allow the horse’s shoe to mold into its exact shape and size while allowing it to heal completely. The process can take up to six months depending on the severity of the case but most horses will be healed in less than a month.

The boots are made of a durable, waterproof material that is puncture resistant and designed with a comfortable, moisture-wicking lining. This boot provides an effective way to treat hoof abscesses, heel rot and other foot problems.

This is best used when the hooves are dry (after being cleaned and washed) and the boot will stay on until the hoof is completely soaked and has dried. This works well for treating diseases or problems that arise when the hooves are wet.

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Buyer’s Guide

What are some of the advantages of using soaking boots for horses?

Many people don’t realise that it’s important to regularly clean and care for their horse’s feet, especially as the horse ages. This is because the hoof is made up of tough keratin which is a protein, so it needs to be regularly cleaned and moisturised to ensure it remains strong and healthy. If you’re considering buying a pair of soaking boots, it depends what type of horse you have and what type of riding you do. For example, if you’re a hunter or a jumper in the show ring, you need to check the size of the boots because they could be larger than regular boots. There are many advantages to using soaking boots for horses, but the most important one is that they are lightweight and easy to use. You’ll also want them to be portable so you can use them at any time, even when you are on the move.