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🐴 The Best Respiratory Supplements for Horses

When it comes to respiratory issues in horses, it’s not always possible to find a single solution. Sometimes, several different supplements must be combined together to achieve the desired results.

The respiratory system of horses is an important one, because it is responsible for delivering oxygen to the bloodstream and removing carbon dioxide from the bloodstream. Without a properly functioning respiratory system, a horse would not be able to survive for long. That’s why it is so important to make sure that your horse’s respiratory system is in tip-top shape.

Horses spend a lot of time breathing in dusty environments. As a result, it’s important for them to take the right supplements to help them breathe easier. Respiratory supplements help to clear the airways, reduce coughing and ensure that horses’ respiratory systems are performing as they should.

Not all supplements are created equal. If you’re interested in learning the very best respiratory supplements for horses, you’re going to want to read this review. These 5 respiratory supplements are some of the most popular on the market and have excellent reviews from horse owners.

  1. AniMed Histall-H to Support Respiratory Health in Horses
  2. Silver Lining Herbs Respiratory Support for Horses
  3. Hilton Herbs Freeway Gold Liquid Respiration Supplement for Horses
  4. Finish Line Horse Products Air Power
  5. Farnam Cough Free Powder for Horses

Our Top Overall Pick

AniMed Histall-H to Support Respiratory Health in HorsesCheck Price
Silver Lining Herbs Respiratory Support for HorsesCheck Price
Hilton Herbs Freeway Gold Liquid Respiration Supplement for HorsesCheck Price
Finish Line Horse Products Air PowerCheck Price
Farnam Cough Free Powder for HorsesCheck Price

Top 5 Best Respiratory Supplements for Horses

1. AniMed Histall-H to Support Respiratory Health in Horses

AniMed HistAll-H is a blend of natural ingredients designed to support normal histamine levels in horses, helping maintain normal respiratory function and a healthy immune system. It also helps the horse fight environmental irritants and pollutants. It’s suitable for all classes of horses and can be used proactively to reduce the affects of allergies or as a preventative measure.

Horses can be particularly susceptible to seasonal allergies and environmental irritants, like pollen or mold from a nearby forest. When they are inhaling these allergens and pollutants, their immune system releases histamine in response, which can lead to symptoms like watery eyes, nasal discharge and coughing. AniMed HistAll-H helps maintain normal histamine levels in horses by providing them with the nutrients they need to keep their immune system strong. It is designed for horses of all classes, including performance horses, breeding stock and young horses.

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2. Silver Lining Herbs Respiratory Support for Horses

Silver Lining Herbs Respiratory Support for Horses is a unique blend of 10 carefully selected herbs that may help support the normal respiratory system in horses. This proprietary blend was designed to help maintain normal integrity and function of the lungs, support keeping airways clear and maintaining a healthy respiratory system, supports healthy mucous membrane and clear healthy airways, supports normal mobilization of invading toxins. It may also assist the equines body in combating environmental pollutants.

This product may support healthy mucous membrane and clear healthy airways and supports the normal mobilization of invading toxins and assists the equines body in combating environmental pollutants. The herbs are the original go-to source for health and wellness for your horse, going back thousands of years. Thats why Silver Lining Herbs offers only the very finest quality herbs, precisely formulated and powdered for maximum concentration and absorption.

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3. Hilton Herbs Freeway Gold Liquid Respiration Supplement for Horses

A great way to soothe and help your horses airways, from the inside out. We recommend Freeway Gold for horses kept in stalls, barns, or at anytime when air quality is poor.

The combination of herbs and homeopathics have been carefully selected to work synergistically on the upper and lower respiratory tract, whilst supporting a healthy mucous membrane.

Beneficial ingredients include Elecampane, Liquorice, Eyebright, Cleavers, Marshmallow, Plantain, Thyme and Apple Cider Vinegar. These herbs help support clear airways and both lower and upper respiratory tract health, whilst helping maintain a normal response to seasonal respiratory conditions.

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4. Finish Line Horse Products Air Power

Finish Line Horse Products Air Power Cough Formula is designed to provide symptomatic relief for horses with upper respiratory tract irritation that may be caused by allergies, infections or other irritants. The all-natural formula uses real honey, lemon, eucalyptus, menthol and aloe vera to soothe the throat and provide a soothing vapour that will help relieve your horse’s cough instantly.

Coughing is a very common problem that can be caused by a variety of factors including allergies, environment and exercise. When a horse is sick, you want to do everything possible to get them well as soon as possible and Finish Line Air Power Cough Formula has been proven to relieve coughing in horses within minutes. It’s all natural formula will help stop your horse’s cough instantly and provide symptomatic relief for allergies. It won’t interfere with other products or with programs coordinated through veterinarians.

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5. Farnam Cough Free Powder for Horses

Farnam Cough Free Powder for Horses is all natural cough medicine that contains a proprietary blend of active ingredients that work together to get your horse back to being his best. This formula attacks the causes of coughs and congestion and helps horses fight off colds, allergies and heave-related symptoms.

Farnam Cough Free Powder for Horses contains a powerful combination of natural ingredients and is formulated for horses with allergies, heaves, stable cough, or congestion, this formula works fast and is 100% natural with no fillers.

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Buyer’s Guide

Factors to Consider

  • Look for a scientifically researched product.
  • Make sure the supplement is free from all additives.
  • Check the ingredients list to make sure it’s safe for your horse.
  • Keep your horse’s environment free from dust and pollen.
  • Make sure that the product has been tested for effectiveness on respiratory issues in horses.
  • Make sure that the product comes from a reputable company.
  • Look for supplements that have your horse’s specific needs in mind.

Why do I need respiratory supplements for horses?

Horses have a very large respiratory system so they need a lot more oxygen than we do. This is even more important in horses that are working hard. As they breathe in, they take in more air than they need and it needs to be pushed out of their lungs. You can get respiratory supplements for horses in a variety of different forms.

Respiratory supplements for horses are used to aid in the immune system, respiratory system, and the overall health of the horse. They can be used as a preventative measure or treatment for illness. Respiratory supplements for horses are also used to treat allergies, coughs, and other respiratory diseases.

You should decide on the type of respiratory supplements for horses you want to use based on your horse’s symptoms and the underlying cause of the issue. Many respiratory supplements for horses are specific to one symptom, so you might have to try a few different products before you find one that works for your horse. In the same way that humans can benefit from taking supplements to help their respiratory health and performance, horses can benefit as well. A study published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science showed that when horses were given a daily supplement of manganese, selenium, and vitamin E, they showed an increase in muscle strength and exercise performance.

What type of respiratory supplements for horses do I need?

What’s great about these supplements is that they come in many different forms, from powders to gels to liquids, so you’re sure to find one that your horse will like, whatever his preference.

If you’re looking to purchase respiratory supplements for a horse, then you’ll want to make sure that you purchase the right type of supplement for your horse. Some horses may have allergies, so you’ll want to treat them with anti-histamine supplements. A respiratory supplement may be useful for your horse if he or she has a respiratory problem, such as hay fever, coughing, or a respiratory infection. Supplements may also be helpful for horses that have allergies or are sensitive to the effects of environmental changes.

What are some of the advantages of using respiratory supplements for horses?

Respiratory supplements are a great way to help your precious horse through the winter months. When you’re riding your horse through the winter, you’re taking him out in the cold and wind, and that can do a number on his respiratory system. You can help him keep healthy by using respiratory supplements.

Respiratory supplements are a great option for your horse if they’re experiencing any breathing issues or respiratory problems. You can find respiratory supplements in liquid or powder form, and they’ll have certain ingredients depending on the severity of your horse’s respiratory issues.

Respiratory supplements for horses have a number of advantages over other options. For example, they are easy and convenient to administer. You can give them via mouth or through a tube that is inserted into the nose. Respiratory supplements are also a great way to keep your horse comfortable and healthy.