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🐎➰ The Best Lasso Ropes for Beginners

Take your lassoing game to the next level with the best lasso rope for beginners. These rope sets are perfect for beginners who love the idea of authentic western lassoing, but don’t yet have the skills to throw or lasso real cattle.

Maybe you’ve got the basics down, but you’re looking for something to take your skills to the next level. Maybe you’re a seasoned lassoer who’s looking for an upgrade. Either way, lassoing is as much about rope, as it is about technique β€” for both beginners and experts alike.

This article will introduce you to five of the most popular lasso ropes available to buy online. We will begin by introducing you to the different types of lasso rope and then we will go on to talk about which kind of rope will be best for you.

Our Top Overall Pick

Colorado Saddlery Kid's LariatCheck Price
Spydr Heel Team RopeCheck Price
AJ Tack Kid Rodeo Lasso RopeCheck Price
AJ Tack Wholesale Kids Lariat Rope SetCheck Price
Mustang Headin Ranch Rope w/Quick Release HondaCheck Price

Top 5 Best Lasso Ropes for Beginners

1. Colorado Saddlery Kid’s Lariat – Excellent Gripping

A Kid’s Lariat from Colorado Saddlery. This lariat is ideal for a youngster who’s just learning to rope or for use as a costume prop. This kid’s lariat features a waxed nylon finish and comes with an attached 5/16″ x 25′ rope.

When you need a lariat, one of the best places to shop is Colorado Saddlery. They have decades of experience in building the best rope in the world and they’re made with a waxed nylon finish. The finish provides an authentic grip and throw and ensures they’re built to both withstand the elements and last. All of the lariats are built with genuine honda knots.

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2. Spydr Heel Team Rope – Perfect Balance


The Spydr Heel Team Rope from Classic Rope Company is a newer version of their most popular rope. This new and improved rope features five strands of twisted nylon that are cleverly engineered around an oversized core for a feel like nothing else. The result is an incredibly strong rope with a smooth and crisp snap and the perfect balance of tip weight to make it the ultimate trap for your prey.

Get the edge on your competitors by adding a new and innovative product to your lasso arsenal. It has an unbelievable feel, perfect for heeling in the industry. Great for all types of training and competition events.

The edge of the rope has a weighty feel to it when you pick it up, like it’s been there all along waiting for you. It’s warm and friendly to the touch, easily forgiving of mistakes made during your learning curve while helping you make rapid progress toward proficiency in your sport.

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3. AJ Tack Kid Rodeo Lasso Rope – Best for Waxed Coating


A lasso rope for beginner cowboys, it’s made by AJ Tack Wholesale and designed for an easy to use, yet challenging toy that can be used for roping or just for fun. These ropes are made with poly nylon material which makes it a soft, yet durable rope. Made in the USA by hand, these toys are made to last long and come in a variety of colors to choose from.

This rope was made with a twist so it can be used as a kid rodeo rope, but can also be used for many other activities. For the little cowboys and cowgirls who are ready to take the reins, this is the perfect gift: a durable 20′ x 5’16” kid rodeo rope made with poly nylon.

If you are looking for some rope to practice your roping skills or just want something new for fun then this is a great choice!

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4. AJ Tack Wholesale Kids Lariat Rope Set – Best Polyethylene Rope


This kids lariat rope set is right for young cowboys! The AJ Tack Wholesale Jr Steer Head is made with heavy duty polyethylene and comes with two 7 steel rods for securing in a hay bale. The kid’s roping practice steer head is made with poly nylon and comes with a 20’x 5’16’ twisted nylon kid rodeo lasso rope made with poly nylon, lightly hand waxed and 20 feet long.

This product is a great starter set when teaching a child to rope.

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5. Mustang Headin Ranch Rope w/Quick Release Honda – Best for Quick Release


The Mustang Headin Ranch Rope is the perfect rope for beginners. This nylon rope is used for headin and cattle work. It’s a medium lay, which is just right to get started, and the quick release feature makes it easy to adjust as you move through your day.

U.S.A made, you can count on Mustang for great quality and value! This medium lay nylon rope is 7/16″ thick, 30′ long and has an approximate breaking strength of 2000 lbs. It’s also very easy to clean with just soap & water.

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Buyer’s Guide

  • Look for a rope that has a high tensile strength.
  • Look for a rope that has a good grip and resistance to abrasion.
  • Look for a rope that is made from a resilient material.
  • Look for a rope that is made by a company that has a good reputation.
  • Look for a rope that’s not too heavy or too light.
  • Look for a rope with a medium-sized diameter.
  • Look for a rope that’s not too stiff.

What’s the most important aspect of getting a lasso rope for beginners?

The most important thing when it comes to lassoing for beginners is to start with a rope that’s the right length. It’s better to have a rope that’s too long rather than too short, so you’ll need to get a rope that’s at least 20 feet long. One of the great things about lasso ropes is that they give you the opportunity to build up your strength in a very short period of time. As you become stronger, you’ll be able to pull more weight which will give you the opportunity to gain more experience in the lasso ropes. You’ll need one that’s heavy enough to give you a good swing but light enough for you to get a better swing than if you had a heavier rope.

What are lasso ropes made of?

There are different types of lasso ropes for beginners and you’ll need to buy the best ropes that are high quality. There are many different types of lasso ropes, including the all cotton rope, the nylon rope, and the polyester rope. Lasso rope is a great piece of equipment for beginners because you can start with just a few pieces and build your skills as you go. As you progress, you can add more pieces to your collection and it will give you more options to play with and build your skills.

The type of lasso rope you need depends on what style of lassoing you’re looking to learn. If you’re a beginner, then the easiest and safest rope to start with a beginner is a western style. This is a rope with a braided leather or synthetic core and a smooth sheath. There are a few key benefits of using lasso ropes for beginners. One thing to remember is that it’s important to start with a low intensity rope and gradually increase the intensity as your body gets used to it.

There are literally dozens of different types of lassos, but there are a few common types that all beginner lassos will have. The most common type of lasso rope is a cotton rope. Cotton rope will be natural, un-dyed, and very light in weight. For beginners, a lasso will allow them to practice with a rope and get used to the basic techniques they need to learn before moving onto the more advanced ones. With a lasso, it’s easy to build momentum and learn the basics of using the rope in the first place.

Thick vs Thin Lasso Rope

The thicker the lasso rope the more durable it is, but for beginners, the thinner version is better to work with and is more forgiving. The thinner rope is easier to tie and will help you learn how to properly tie the lasso. We’re big fans of lasso ropes because they’re an easy way to build muscle strength and stability without the bulk. They’re also a great way to develop balance and co-ordination and to boost your cardio fitness.