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🐎🧊 The Best Ice Boots for Horses

Like many equestrians, you’ve probably tried many different brands of ice boots before finding the ones that work the best for you. But when you’re on a budget, it’s tempting to stick with what you’ve used for years. However, spending money on a good pair of ice boots can pay off in the long run, especially when it comes to comfort and safety.

Although there are many different types of ice boots, these five products have the highest overall ratings from users and equestrians:

Our Top Overall Pick

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Top 5 Best Ice Boots for Horses

1. HORZE Finntack Pro Cooling Therapy Ice Wrap for Horses – Stays Cold for Longer


The HORZE Finntack Pro Cooling Therapy Ice Wrap for Horses is an innovative cold therapy treatment that can be used to reduce leg pain and inflammation after exercise or injury. This durable, lightweight wrap stays cold for a long time and also fits most horses’ legs comfortably. The gel pouches remain soft and comfortable when frozen, making it easy to use them repeatedly.

The gel pouches can be frozen beforehand, and remain soft and comfortable when frozen. The ice wrap is extremely useful for horses who have sustained a serious leg injury or swelling, and are unable to ride without discomfort. With the wrap in place, the gel pack provides added support during recovery.

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2. Tough 1 Ice Boot for Horses – Easiest to Take On & Off


Designed by a veterinarian to provide easy, fast relief for horses with painful conditions, Tough 1’s ice boots for horses are a way to quickly apply cold therapy to your horse’s joints. The ice boots are made of heavy denier nylon shell with a layer of insulation between the shell and the foam pad. They fit the lower leg or over hock and are easy to put on and stay soft when frozen allowing them to conform to the horse’s leg.

The 4 quick-grip straps let you determine the amount of compression applied to the leg which is great for treating arthritic joints, soft tissue, tendons and ligaments.
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3. Professional’s Choice Ice Boot for Horses – Most Comfortable

The Professional’s Choice Ice Boot is the most versatile and effective horse boot for cold therapy. These boots are designed to keep the horse body temperature at or above 32 degrees before returning to normal when the boots are removed. This allows horses to benefit from ice therapy longer, reducing discomfort by up to 40 percent. The neoprene exterior insulates frozen gel pockets keeping the boot colder longer, thus increasing the therapy time. Smooth nylon lining eliminates the potential for damaging the tissue from exposing the skin directly to ice; while also preventing dirt, shavings and debris from sticking to the boots. The extended hook straps allow for easy application for all horses, whenever they might need it.

Packaged in a convenient set of two, these boots also come with a mesh carrying bag. To activate, place in freezer until frozen, can be then transferred to ice chest or cooler for use away from the barn or a freezer.

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4. Professionals Choice Nine Pocket Equine Ice Boot – One Size Fits All

The Professionals Choice series of horse tack are designed to provide the highest level of safety and protection for horses. The Professional’s Choice equine ice boots are made from the finest materials to provide maximum comfort, protection, and mobility for horses while they are being treated with ice.

The hook and loop fasteners allow for an easy fit to prevent slippage, but are strong enough to not come loose during use. They also come standard with a durable neoprene cuff to help keep the hooves warm while they are being iced. This size fits most horses from small ponies up to draft or saddle horses, although the boot may require some additional adjustment depending on the horse’s individual build.

These boots can be used to ice from above the knee or hock all the way to the pastern. With nine individual pockets and six hook fasteners for a custom fit, this is a must-have for every horse owner.

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5. Ice-Vibe Horse Boots – Reducing Inflammation


Ice-Vibe horse boots are a portable compression boot with hot/cold inserts to create warm or cold circulation treatments that can be used before or after exercise or during rehabilitation. They have cold packs in them that reduces blood flow slowing down inflammation whilst the movement created by the massaging effect similar to exercise can help to stimulate the lymph system to move out existing inflammation. This allows oxygen to be maintained to tired and damaged tissue allowing for a better recovery.

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