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πŸ‡ Top 5 Best Horse Riding Chaps Reviewed

Chaps are designed to protect the rider’s upper legs, hips, and groin from bushes, branches and debris. They’re made of leather or nylon with a hard protective shell and are a fundamental part of any riding outfit.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned horse rider, the right set of chaps can be the difference between a smooth, easy ride and one full of lots of scratches and bruises. That is why it is very important to choose the right pair of riding chaps for your needs.

There are numerous different styles of chaps available, and the right style for you will depend on your riding discipline and personal preferences. We can help you in understanding the best horse riding chaps and how they can benefit you as a rider. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 5 best horse riding chaps that are currently available on the market today.

  1. Weaver Leather Shotgun Grain Work Chaps
  2. JT Tough-1 Western Fringed Chaps
  3. Saxon Adult’s Equileather Half Chaps
  4. HORZE Amara Equestrian Half Chaps
  5. A&H Apparel Unisex Adult Leather Half Chaps

Our Top Overall Pick

Weaver Leather Shotgun Grain Work ChapsCheck Price
JT Tough-1 Western Fringed ChapsCheck Price
Saxon Adult's Equileather Half ChapsCheck Price
HORZE Amara Equestrian Half ChapsCheck Price
A&H Apparel Unisex Adult Leather Half ChapsCheck Price

Top 5 Best Horse Riding Chaps

1. Weaver Leather Shotgun Grain Work Chaps

Hunt, show or just enjoy the great outdoors in style with these shotgun-styled chaps from Weaver. The quality Brown full grain oil tanned leather will offer you dependable performance for years to come. These shotgun styled chaps are carefully constructed by the skilled skilled craftspeople over at Weaver Leather from the highest quality full grain leather.

They feature full length zippers which give them added protection, plus a buckle closure in the back as well as a tie closure in the front will keep them in place. These durable chaps will give you dependable performance and come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Weaver is known for their quality workmanship and attention to detail which can be seen in every pair of Weaver Leather Cowboy Chaps that they make.

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2. JT Tough-1 Western Fringed Chaps

The JT Tough Western Fringed Chaps are a piece of horse riding clothing that protects the rider from scratches and bruises and they’re made of leather and fabric and are usually held together by leather straps.

The chaps are great quality, they look great and they’re comfortable. I love the full length heavy duty zipper and the adjustable buckles at the front and back for the best fit. The double stitched stress points and the contour cut make them extremely durable and the fringe on the legs is a nice touch.

The fringe detail makes this cowboy chaps outfit more fashionable and charming. You can wear this chaps outfit with denim shirt, denim vest, and cowboy hat to complete the outfit.

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3. Saxon Adult’s Equileather Half Chaps

These Saxon Adult’s Equileather Half Chaps are made from waterproof, leather-like material that feels like full-grain leather. They are durable, long-lasting protective gear for your lower legs. The half chaps have a snap closure at the bottom and feature a full length YKK zipper in the back with zipper closure to secure it. These half chaps stretch and form to your calves for a terrific fit. Just wipe or gently spray down with water. These half chaps come in one size that fits most adults. They are available in black.

When you’re trotting around the paddock in these half chaps, you’ll have a secure fit with the elastic calf. These adult’s equileather half chaps feature a leather lining and are made in the USA. They even come in a variety of colors and sizes, giving you the freedom to choose the one that works best for you. Get your hands on a pair of these half chaps and you’ll be riding in style!

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4. HORZE Amara Equestrian Half Chaps

The Amara Equestrian Half Chaps combine synthetic fabric with the protection of genuine leather. It’s a great choice for riders who don’t want to wear leather but still want the warmth and comfort of a half chap. The material is breathable, so you don’t overheat, while the contoured skirt over the instep makes them easy to pull on and off.

While your riding chaps have the same purpose as traditional riding chaps, they are made with a more durable synthetic material instead of leather. They come in black, brown and tan and are equipped with a contoured skirt over instep for comfort and protection while you ride.

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5. A&H Apparel Unisex Adult Leather Half Chaps

A&H Apparel is a leading manufacturer and retailer in equestrian fashion and been family run and operated for over 50 years! They are the most versatile chaps on the market and are made with top grain cowhide leather that will last for many years to come. The leather is soft, supple and durable and they have a stretchable calf leather panel that allows you to fully customize your fit so you look your absolute best! From the beautiful stitching detail to the heavy duty YKK Zippers, these chaps were designed with quality in mind.

They are designed to protect your legs from thorny bushes, branches, brush and debris as you ride through the woods or trails on your horse.

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Buyer’s Guide

Factors to Consider

  • Look for a pair of riding chaps that are durable and comfortable.
  • Look for a pair of chaps that are designed to fit your leg size.
  • Make sure the chaps are made from leather and the stitching is done by hand.
  • Look for a set that is both soft and breathable.
  • Look for chaps with a thicker bottom, so that you can sit more securely.
  • Look for ones that are made of a thick, durable material.

What are horse riding chaps made of?

They’re made of leather and usually have at least two straps to help hold them in place. There are three main types of horse riding chaps: leather, synthetic, and wool. Leather chaps are the most traditional and are made out of leather. They are usually not as durable as the other two types of chaps, but they’re also the softest. Horse riding chaps are an essential piece of clothing if you’re a horse rider. Chaps are typically used for protective purposes, although they can also be used to add a bit of flair to a riding outfit. Chaps are most commonly used to protect a rider’s legs.

Why do I need horse riding chaps?

Horse riding chaps are designed to protect your legs. They’re made of leather and they’re worn over your pants, so they protect your legs from flying objects like twigs, branches, and anything else that might get tangled in your pants. Chaps are an essential part of horse riding gear.

What type of horse riding chaps do I need?

The chaps you choose will depend on the type of riding you do. If you’re doing English riding then the chaps will be close fitting with no waistband, but if you’re doing Western riding then you’ll need something with a little more room in the seat and a waistband to help keep them up. Horse riding chaps are widely used by equestrians to provide a protective layer for their legs. They are usually made of leather and typically have a strap at the bottom which is used to secure them to the rider’s boots.

What are some of the advantages of using horse riding chaps?

Horse riding chaps are great for protecting you from saddle sores as they protect your thighs from the pressure of the saddle. They’re also great for protecting you from the elements and the weather, as they act like a shield against the wind and rain.