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๐Ÿด๐ŸฆŸ The 5 Best Fly Sprays for Horses

Fly spray is a key part of horse care. It’s not just to protect against flies and mosquitoes โ€” it’s about being proactive. Fly spray is especially valuable on horses because, unlike humans, horses donโ€™t have good ways of dealing with flies.

The best way to get rid of flies is to use fly sprays. However, the effectiveness of these sprays varies. There are some sprays that are ineffective and may actually cause harm to your horse while there are some fly sprays that are safe for horses and can be safely used with them.

When looking to purchase the best fly spray for your horse, itโ€™s important to consider the following: how to use it, where it would be most beneficial, what it is made of, and the amount that youโ€™re willing to spend.

If you’re looking for the best fly sprays for horses on the market, there are a lot of options โ€” and it can be a little overwhelming to try to determine which one is right for your horse and your needs. Whether you place an emphasis on ease of use, the type of ingredients used, or simply the efficacy of fly repellent, here are our top five picks for the best.

Our Top Overall Pick

Farnam Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray for HorsesCheck Price
Pyranha Wipe N'Spray Fly Protection Spray for HorsesCheck Price
Farnam Repel-X pe Emulsafiable Fly Spray for HorsesCheck Price
Manna Pro Pro-Force Fly SprayCheck Price
Absorbine UltraShield EX Fly SprayCheck Price

Top 5 Best Fly Sprays for Horses

1. Farnam Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray for Horses – Best for Sweat-Resistance


Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray for Horses is a new formulation that stays active and keeps working even in wet conditions. It provides up to 14 days of fly control, and repels and kills biting flies, gnats, ticks, and lice. It’s the only fly spray with RepeLock – a conditioner specially engineered to bind to the hair shaft so that it stays active for 7 days after the first application.

The repellent scent will keep annoying flies away and the formula will keep working, even in wet conditions such as sweat and rain and is the only fly spray that repels and kills deer ticks that may transmit Lyme disease.

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2. Pyranha Wipe N’Spray Fly Protection Spray for Horses – Best for Fleas, Ticks & Mosquitoes


Piranha Wipe ‘N Spray is a pyrethrum-based formula that is specially designed to be applied directly on the animal. The ready-to-use formula provides superior fly protection, while imparting a high sheen to the hair when brushed out. Extremely effective, just 1 to 2 ounces per head will deliver optimum protection. It’s also citronella-scented, it contains lanolin as a coat conditioner and has been proven effective on biting flies, mosquitoes, gnats, fleas, and ticks.

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3. Farnam Repel-X pe Emulsafiable Fly Spray for Horses – Largest Quantity


Farnam Repel-X pe Emulsafiable Fly Spray for Horses is a concentrated formula that kills and repels biting and bloodsucking flies, gnats, mosquitoes and ticks. Just mix this concentrated formula with water to create an easy-to-apply fly spray. You’ll have plenty of starting materials for a gallon of ready-to-use fly spray with only 1 quart of concentrate making 8 quarts of ready-to-use fly spray.

A highly effective, economical fly spray that provides lasting protection from biting and bloodsucking flies. The concentrated formula is formulated with Prallethrin and Piperony Butoxide in a special emulsifying system that allows it to be sprayed directly on an animal without disturbing the rest of the formulation.

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4. Manna Pro Pro-Force Fly Spray – All-Around Insect Protection


Pro-Force is a fly spray for horses, ponies, dogs and as a premise spray. Pro-Force kills and repels more than 70 listed species, including biting and nuisance flies, horse flies, ticks, gnats and mosquitoes. This ready-to-use formula requires no mixing and rapidly kills and repels insects for up to 14 days.

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5. Absorbine UltraShield EX Fly Spray – Lasts Up to 17 Days


Absorbine UltraShield EX Horse Fly Spray is an advanced horse fly spray that is proven effective against biting and nuisance flies, mosquitoes, ticks and gnats. It kills 80% of flies within 30 seconds and repels 90% within 1 hour. UltraShield EX contains multiple sunscreens to protect the horse from harmful UV rays as well as a combination of insecticides that target different species. This is Absorbine’s most advanced formula, designed specifically for horses with long thick manes and tails.

A product with the power to keep your horse safe from flies, mosquitoes, ticks, and no-see-ums. This fly spray has been formulated with a unique combination of ingredients that provides superior protection against biting flies. It is also effective against mosquitoes, ticks and gnats up to 17 days. It’s also a water-based formula so there is no mixing or shaking worries. Just spray and go!

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Buyer’s Guide

  • Make sure it’s safe to use on your horse.
  • Be sure it works on both wet and dry skin.
  • Make sure it works on both horses and ponies.
  • Be sure it is safe on sensitive skin.
  • Look for fly sprays that are alcohol-free and have a scent with no coloring.
  • Make sure the fly spray has a pleasant scent, rather than an overpowering smell.
  • The spray is made from natural ingredients that are safe for humans, horses, and the environment.
  • The spray should have a nozzle that allows for a mist, or a fine spray.
  • Read the directions carefully.

What type of fly sprays for horses do I need?

When it comes to flies, thereโ€™s not one particular fly spray you can buy that will work against all types of insects. Instead, you have to look at the specific needs of your horse and then purchase a fly spray that is appropriate for the horseโ€™s needs.

There are many types of fly sprays for horses, but the key is to find one that works well for you and your horse’s coat. For example, if your horse has a thick coat, then you may want to use one that has a barrier effect, to prevent the spray from being absorbed through the skin. Fly sprays are a great way to keep flies and other insects away from horses. When you use fly sprays, you can use them on the horsesโ€™ legs to prevent them from licking themselves or other horses. Fly sprays are also great for preventing flies from biting horses.

What insects does fly spray work against?

When you think about why you need fly sprays for horses, you start to understand why it’s so important to have a wide selection of different horse fly repellents on the market. Each horse fly repellent has a different target audience and there is a wide variety of different horse fly repellent products that you can buy. Dust mites are a big problem for horses and can cause lots of problems for both you and your horse. Horses that are allergic to dust mites can be very itchy and will itch their skin, causing it to break out in sweat, which will then make their skin break out in sores. There are many different types of fly sprays on the market including those that are made for horses. Fly spray is a great way to keep horses and other animals safe from flying insects like bees, hornets, and wasps. Fly spray is applied to the surface of the skin and itโ€™s very effective at repelling these insects.

Why do I need fly spray for my horse?

Fly sprays for horses are a great way to keep flies and insects away from your horse, but theyโ€™re also a great tool for keeping flies away from your horse while youโ€™re working on it. Fly sprays are designed to effectively kill flies and prevent them from landing on your horse. The sprays are usually a combination of an insecticide and a pesticide. Theyโ€™re applied by spraying them directly on the horseโ€™s skin. Fly sprays are great for horses that are prone to fly bites and fly stings. These sprays contain a mix of insecticides, such as pyrethrins, that are effective in killing flies and other insects that would bite and sting horses.

What happens if I don’t treat my horse with fly repellant?

Flies can be a real nuisance for horses and can cause a horse to develop flystrike if the fly isnโ€™t treated. Fly sprays can also be used to help prevent flystrike by preventing flies from landing on the horse.

There are many types of horses, so you need to buy the right fly spray for your horseโ€™s needs. For example, some horses love the smell of lavender, and some have allergies to lavender. Fly sprays for horses are great if youโ€™re trying to get rid of flies on your horse. One of the most important things to remember about fly sprays is that you should never use them when the horse is sweaty or when itโ€™s hot outside.