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πŸ‡πŸ¦Ί The Top 5 Best Equestrian Safety Vests

Equestrian safety equipment is a must-have for anyone who rides horses, whether it’s for recreational riding, lessons, or competitions. It’s essential to have the right gear when you’re in the saddle β€” injuries are common, and even the smallest mistake can lead to falls. That’s why you need to arm yourself with the right equestrian safety equipment and know which ones are the best.

An equestrian vest is a must for riding horses that has the potential to save you from injury or worse. Either way, you’ll be grateful you have your safety vest in the event of a bad situation.

Equestrian safety is filled with many different types of safety equipment. With so many options out there, it’s commonly difficult to know which one is right for you. To help you out, we’ve put together the top five best safety vests for horseback riders.

Our Top Overall Pick

Jili Online Adults Equestrian Protective VestCheck Price
Unistrength Equestrian Safety VestCheck Price
Ovation Comfort Flex Body ProtectorCheck Price
Prettyia Horse Riding VestCheck Price
Tipperary Eventer Equestrian VestCheck Price

Top 5 Best Equestrian Safety Vests

1. Jili Online Adults Equestrian Protective Vest – Best Breathability


The Jili Equestrian Protective Vest is made of a breathable polyester material with an EVA backing. It features a zippered front, a removable foam pad for tailbone protection, and adjustable shoulder straps plus a scalloped lower front that allows for less restriction.

This is a vest that can truly make your horse feel safe. The breathable nylon fabric and tight lacing allow the horse to breathe while still providing protection. The vest is designed for both adults and kids to wear comfortably under their riding clothes in a variety of weather conditions at the stable, at shows, or even on trail rides.

The vest is designed to provide maximum comfort and protection for those who ride horses. The additional padding provides helps to provide extra protection for the tail bone.

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2. Unistrength Equestrian Safety Vest – Best Extended Padding


The Unistrength Equestrian vest is a high quality protective gear for riding, jumping, and other equestrian activities. It is made from a breathable and durable polyester material. The vest provides maximum comfort during riding, exercising or playing and has elastic cuffs that keep it in place when being worn under the collar. It features a wide opening on the back which makes it easy to put on or take off even while wearing a tight fitting shirt without removing the shirt or jacket underneath.

To help protect yourself from injury, the Unistrength Equestrian Vest provides all around protection. The material helps you to keep cool in hot weather and remain dry when riding in wet weather. It also has increased padding in areas of the body that will be most affected by injury if you fall off or are struck by another animal or person on the road.

Putting on this vest takes a little practice at first because it is not “run-of-the-mill” style.

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3. Ovation Comfort Flex Body Protector – Best for Flexibility


The Ovation Comfort Flex Body Protector is a lightweight, form-fitting vest with a detachable chest protector. The chest protector fits into the vest and is held in place with coordinated straps. The vest features two side pockets for carrying ID cards and other personal items, and includes a reflective strip on the back that adds visibility to the rider when riding at night or in low-light conditions. It’s ideal for all competitive equestrian disciplines including show jumping, eventing, dressage, endurance riding and polo.

The Ovation Comfort Flex Body Protector is a high-performance and comfortable body protector created to offer the most impact protection available for riders in many equestrian sports. It is lightweight, durable and comfortable for extended wear. Keep in mind that for maximum performance and protection, this body protector must fit snugly, be free from rips or tears, and remain securely in position when adjusted for proper fit.

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4. Prettyia Horse Riding Vest – Best for Kids

Prettyia’s horse riding vests are perfect for showing off your best riding style. Unlike other horse riding vests, these vests are designed to be stylish and practical. The vest is equipped with high quality zipper closures on the chest area, which makes these vests both functional and fashionable.

The Prettyia Horse Riding Vest is a light-weight, comfortable and stylish riding vest that is designed to provide maximum protection.

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5. Tipperary Eventer Equestrian Vest – Best for Adults


The Tipperary Eventer Equestrian Vest is one of the most popular eventer vest in the world. It has been proven through all levels of competition and is ideal for horse shows, clinics, and training. The flex pad design evenly distributes impact over a large surface area for maximum protection. Bright colors and contrasting stitching make it easy to identify when you need it most. Great for dressage, hunter-jumper events, and training.

It includes a vented back panel and scalloped lower front to enhance airflow while protecting the rider’s lower back and tailbone. Eventer vests were designed with the competitive eventer in mind: the vest is lightweight, breathable, and doesn’t restrict movement. The vest is designed to fit snugly so that it doesn’t move around during a ride and is more of a padded jacket than a true riding vest, but it does have some features a rider may find useful, like reflective strips on the back.

The performance design absorbs and dissipates the impact of a fall without restricting movement.

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Recommended Accessories

Buyer’s Guide

  • Make sure it’s breathable and has stretch panels.
  • Make sure it fits correctly β€” it should be snug but not too tight as to restrict breathing.
  • Make sure it’s easy to put on and take off.
  • Look for a vest that has reflective strips on it, so you can be seen in the dark.
  • Look for vests that are made from comfortable, breathable material.
  • Check that the vest is made from a strong material that will absorb the impact of your horse’s fall.
  • Pockets β€” Some vests come with pockets for a cell phone, money, and keys.
  • Quality β€” the vest should be made of sturdy materials that won’t rip or tear.

Why do I need an equestrian safety vest?

Horseback riding is a great way to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors, but it does come with some risks. When you’re on horseback, you’re not protected from falls and you’re not protected from animals. For equestrian safety, there are a few different types of safety vests that you can use. You need to know what type of equestrian you are riding with and what type of equestrian you are participating in. The type of safety vest that you need depends on your equestrian sport.

There are a multitude of advantages to using equestrian safety vests. One of the most important is the fact that they provide a lot more protection to your horse than what it would give you. It is a good idea to be safe, rather than sorry and use equestrian safety vests for your safety and the safety of your horse.

What should I consider before buying an equestrian vest?

When it comes to choosing a safety vest, there are two main factors you’ll want to consider: the weight of the vest and the type of use you plan on putting it through. The weight of the safety vest is important because it’ll determine how comfortable or restrictive the vest is. When it comes to equestrian safety, it’s important to have the right gear on and this is where equestrian safety vests come into the picture. These vests have all the right things and can be used by both professionals and amateurs.

In the equestrian world, you’ll often see people wearing safety vests to protect them in the event of a fall. If you want to wear a safety vest while you’re riding your horse, then you’re going to want to opt for a heavy duty vest. The more expensive the vest, the more protection it offers. If you’re only going to wear it for occasional riding, then you can get away with a cheaper vest. You should have a good understanding of the world of equestrian safety vests as they have become quite popular, especially with our equestrian market. Using equestrian safety vests can be quite advantageous as they’re light and easy to carry.

What type of equestrian safety vest do I need?

For horseback riding, equestrian safety vests are a necessity. There are many types of equestrian safety vests on the market, so it’s important that you choose the right one for you. For instance, there are vests that are specifically designed to protect you from falls. Safety is a big concern for equestrians. It’s important to make sure you’re wearing a safety vest that fits properly. A vest with proper fit is essential. You can’t get a proper fit with a vest that is too big or too small. Having the right gear is very important when you’re out riding. An equestrian vest is a very important piece of equipment to have when you’re out on the trail. They provide protection for the chest, the back, and the shoulders.

When should I wear an equestrian vest?

The first thing you need to do when it comes to equestrian safety vests is to determine what type of activity you are planning on doing. There are several advantages to using equestrian safety vests. They are lightweight and come in a variety of colors. They are also made of a material that is comfortable to wear and flexible enough to allow you to breathe and move freely.