🀝 Affiliate Disclosure

Hosting a website can get pretty expensive, especially as the site becomes more popular and receives more and more visitors. To offset the costs, we are participating in Google’s Adsense and Amazon’s affiliate program which allow us to earn a small commission when you click either ads or affiliate links respectively. But don’t worry – they don’t increase the cost of the item you plan on purchasing, they’re the same price whether or not you use an affiliate link.

Google’s Adsense program provides banner and text adverts on the site that pay us for every click we receive (or, sometimes, per impression). We are not currently selling any ad space to third parties other than through Adsense.

Amazon’s Affiliate program allows us to earn a commission when you click a link and then place an order on Amazon’s website. The price of the product will not change and the referral is paid for 100% by Amazon which allows us to generate revenue without inconveniencing you.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered by this disclosure feel free to email us.